Nice to meet you! We are IVK Digital internet marketing agency located in Dnipro city. If you have come to our page, then you need to develop a website, set up Google Ads, SEO optimisation or get a comprehensive online sales solution.

Website Development

Website development is the main specialization of the IVK Digital studio. We work with usability, marketing, design, creation and promotion of sites. We are ready to perform any work related to the creation and promotion of the site: from the development of corporate sites or business card sites to the creation and promotion of large online stores.

In the matter of creating a website, the goal that the customer wants to achieve, and the size of the budget for this task, are important. In their work, our team focuses exclusively on quality, regardless of the budget of the project. Because we value each client, work professionally, and ensure the successful completion of the task in absolutely all cases.

Professional website development in Dnipro begins with a preliminary analysis of competitive resources. All factors of economic efficiency are considered. In general, the city has no influence on the productivity of our activities. But, the creation of a site in Kiev or any other city will be effective, given the factors affecting the result.

As for the kitchen of the IVK Digital studio itself, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main stages for developing websites:

  • setting goals and objectives;
  • preparation of technical specifications;
  • prototyping;
  • creating mockups;
  • page-proofs;
  • CMS set up;
  • adding content;
  • test-drive (checking for bugs).

And that’s not all. Also, at the request of the customer, we will provide photography for a detailed study of the design of the site, and provide a service in the matter of trademark registration. This is our main feature – to get a solution to all your questions about creating websites in one place – in the city of Dnipro in the IVK Digital studio.

The creation of a website is always accompanied by a deep analysis of the target audience of the customer and competitors. This allows you to identify the fundamental advantages of the customer’s activities, which leads to the creation of original solutions and ideas for a specific project. It doesn’t matter if it’s commercial or not. It is clear that there is no limit to perfection, but thanks to our knowledge and experience, we will help you get as close to it as possible.

Each of our completed projects fully reflects the wishes of customers and demonstrates the high level of professionalism of our team. We equally well perform all the work related to the creation and promotion of sites. But, it is the development of design and the website itself that is the hallmark of our studio.

Today IVK Digital is one of the best companies in the web advertising and web design market with an impeccable reputation. Each frame of our team is like a separate link, which, connecting with each other, forms a strong chain of high-class designers, Internet marketers, programmers, SEO optimizers, project managers and copywriters. All this IVK Digital is the embodiment of your most daring ideas in creating and promoting the site.

Website Development

Be prepared for the site development process in Dnipro to take about two or four weeks. This difference in time is greatly influenced by the organization of the functionality and design of the site. The initial stage of your cooperation with us lies in determining the purpose and audience of the site. Next, we create a unique site mockup – this increases your brand awareness. This is a rather painstaking process, but the result will be worth the wait. Then the site is adapted to the correct display on various devices. And this is an even greater reach of the audience – the convenience of your client is in the first place here.

Programmers are working on the functionality of the site. They introduce an admin panel that will be convenient for you to work with, adding and updating information on your site, even if you do not have certain skills and abilities.

So, the site is almost ready at this stage, it remains only to test it and make sure it is 100% working. The peculiarity of cooperation with us is that we remain with the client even after the launch of the site. And in case of arising questions and difficult moments, we make every effort to solve them. It is easy with us, even if you want to implement a super complex project.

CMS Website development

The choice of a content management system (Content Management System – CMS) is relevant if the project is of increased complexity and requires the organization of advanced functionality. This is not a problem at IVK Digital. We know well all known CMS: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix. Therefore, we are ready to offer you only convenient and best solutions. And yes, we have our own classification of the choice of control system. So, for information sites, we use WordPress or Modx. For the development of online stores, we recommend OpenCart, and already with its numerous developments. And in complex projects that do not fit into standard CMS, we take PHP frameworks and other technologies as a basis.

Do you need a website?

And now to the point. Our web studio in Dnipro provides creation and promotion of websites. Here’s our offer:

  1. Domain name.
  2. Hosting services.
  3. Design (logos, identity, unique style and creative advertising).
  4. External site optimization.
  5. Technical and consulting support at all stages of the project.
  6. Development of additional applications for the operation of the site at the request of the customer.

We respect you and value your time. This means that every client of the IVK Digital studio can expect to receive a completed project within the agreed time frame. Naturally, from the moment of filling out the brief and until the final stage of creating the site, current controversial issues may arise. We promptly resolve all issues as they arise, and we love our work. This is the main reason for our success.

Answers to all your questions can be found in the “contacts” section. The main thing you should know is that ordering the creation of a website in Dnipro is simple. The Internet is a great tool for doing business online. Take your business to a qualitatively new level and order the development and launch of a website in Dnipro. It will allow you:

  • increase the number of sales and expand geographicaly;
  • receive feedback from your cutomers;
  • create an impeccable image of the company;
  • directly notify your customers about products and promotions in your online store;
  • ensure effective sales online;
  • increase your income.

The one who covers all areas of his business is successful. But you can entrust the creation of a selling tool – a website – to us.

Webs development company. What do we offer?

See for yourself that when you contact us, you will be provided with a fully prepared turnkey web resource. And this site will meet all your requirements. Order the creation of websites from us, Dnipro is the place of our main deployment. But, we are mobile, so we work throughout Ukraine. We offer these types of sites.

  1. Landing page is the simplest single page platform. The purpose of its creation is to attract the attention of a certain target audience. Suitable for small and medium businesses.
  2. Online store – for making direct sales of goods on the Internet. An online store is the most popular option for commercial activities on the Internet. Most often, such platforms are successful in retail.
  3. Catalog. Think for yourself, order a website, Dnipro is a big city with huge portals from reputable companies. Website promotion here will be the most effective way to quickly expand your business.
  4. A business card is a site of a minimum number of pages, which provides introductory information about the company’s activities, products or services. A business card is considered a budget solution for those who do not want to invest much in the development of an online business, but still want to increase their brand awareness.
  5. Individual portal. Not an easy website creation service, Dnipro can hardly boast of a large number of companies providing it. However, there is one – IVK Digital. We will produce a unique technical task that meets the requirements and wishes of the customer. An individual portal is good because it closes a lot of commercial issues (selling products, broadcasting promotions, working on the image of the enterprise and providing feedback).

And finally, a little about our values.

Develop a website

During the years of our work, we have developed a set of values that make us successful today.

  1. Professionalism. Look at our portfolio – it is impressive and not a single negative review. Honestly, it’s not hard for us to do our job perfectly. After all, we have a huge experience behind us, and in our hearts there is selfless love for a common cause.
  2. A well-functioning system of websites creation. Yes, we know the ideal formula for creating and effectively promoting websites. Communication with the client is one of the most important stages of our activity. So we find out the wishes of the customer and impose them on our capabilities. And these possibilities are almost limitless (creating a design and corporate style, developing navigation, writing program code, testing a resource and eliminating errors).
  3. Responsible approach guaranteed. Our brainchild is a website development studio in Dnipro. The fact that we want to develop it guarantees an excellent result of cooperation for each of our clients.
  4. Reasonable cost of our services. The purpose of our work is the creation and high-quality promotion of sites. Each of our price tags is determined by the complexity of a particular project. You should remember that only by investing financially in your business will you achieve your goal. But, this does not mean that you have to shell out a tidy sum to develop an online business. In our studio it is really inexpensive.

Contact us for a business card site or an online store. Call us even if you want something extraordinary. After all, originality is our forte!

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